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At Jars Meze we are a family. For us, Greeks, when it comes to the beautiful things in life it is all about family.

Food accompany all the important moments in our life.

We all gather around a big table and surrounding Mama, who puts all her love and soul to please her guests and family.


This is what we happily do every day at Jars Meze.


We would like to invite you to meet the family and be a part of it.  

Giouli M.​  - Mama - HEAD CHEF

Mama Giouli is the heart and soul of Jars Meze. She is the person preparing the food you are about to taste. As a mother of four children she can certainly know how to please every particular request.  Mama has a great passion for cooking and an extensive knowledge on spices and food ingredients. Her previous business in  Corfu was a spices and food ingredients store. With influences from Smyrni and Macedonia the food she prepares is one of the kind. Her philosophy around the food has its routes to the original Greek hospitality. In Greece it is important for the visitor to eat good and rest good before they continue their journey. This is what you will experience at Jars Meze. A little bit of Greece. Come to meet mama and let her treat you as if you are in Greece.  



From the moment you will enter Jars Meze you will be greeted by Maria. Maria is the oldest child of the family. With extensive knowledge on the hospitality sector and many years of experience, she will ensure your visit will worthwhile. She will be able to answer your questions, assist you with your food choices and make your visit a memorable experience.  All this always with a big smile. 

Jars Meze family


The members of Jars family consist of family members and friends. ​Vasilis, is youngest boy in the family and he will be preparing the finest drinks for you to accompany your dinner. Mado, is the youngest and most loved member of our family. She will be there for you all the way, to guide you and make your visit an amazing journey through taste. 

This family has also brought together friends who are together for many years and new friends acquired through the time. 

This is our philosophy, this is how we will treat you . We consider you as new friends that become part of our family.


Come and be part of Jars Meze family. 

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